CapX2020 Virtual Open House
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CapX2020 overview
Load growth has out-paced transmission investment
Supporting renewable energy
Americans are using more electricity
Ways to save energy
Transmission structures
Transmission facilities
Transmission construction
Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse overview
Minnesota regulatory process
Wisconsin  regulatory process
How electricity works
Board 4: Community Reliability Needs – St. Cloud Area
Board 5: Community Reliability Needs – LaCrosse and Winona Area
Board 6: Community Reliability Needs – Alexandria Area
Board 7: Community Reliability Needs – Rochester Area
Board 8: Community Reliability Needs – Southern Red River Valley Area
Board 9: CapX 2020 Proposed 345 kV Transmission Line Projects: Electric Reliability Benefit Areas
Board 10: Current and Proposed High Voltage Transmission Lines