Minnesota Route Permit: Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse

Minnesota Route Permit application filed January 19, 2010

Landowners owning property within the proposed routes were mailed an informational packet and detailed route maps. Two main route options were proposed with a third alternative provided in certain areas. At environmental scoping meetings in spring 2010, the public can provide alternative route options for consideration. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will determine the final route after a comprehensive review that includes preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement, public meetings, and public hearings overseen by an administrative law judge.

Minnesota Route Permit: Hampton-Rochester-La CrosseAlma, Wisconsin, is the proposed Mississippi River crossing location

After careful analysis and public input, the utilities have proposed the Mississippi River crossing at Alma, Wisconsin, where an existing transmission line and power plant are located, as the most prudent and feasible alternative.

All landowners in the project study area, regardless if they have property within a route option, should continue to attend meetings and participate in the public process. There have been instances in Minnesota where the Commission has certified routes not proposed in the utilities’ Route Permit application.

Questions: Contact project representatives at 1-866-876-2869 or email lacrosseinfo@capx2020.com.

To be included on the state’s mailing list of project milestones regarding the environmental review process, including availability notice of the draft Environmental Impact Statement, please sign up for the project contact list at http://energyfacilities.puc.state.mn.us/.

Application to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission for a Route Permit
for the Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse 345 kV and 161 kV Transmission Line Project
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Detailed Route Maps Aerial Photos Detailing Location of Preferred and Alternative Routes
Project Overview Map HRL_project_overview_03.01.2010.pdf
Route Permit Application

Application to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission for a Route Permit for the Hampton – Rochester – La Crosse 345 kV and 161 kV Transmission Line Project Docket
E002/TL-09-1448, 545 pages (3.7 MB)

Includes: Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Project Information, Engineering and Design, Construction, Right-Of-Way Acquisition, Route Development and Selection Process, Description of Proposed Routes, Rationale for Selecting Preferred Route, Environmental Information, Public Participation and Agency Involvement, Permits and Approvals, References, Definitions, Acronyms, List of Figures, List of Appendices

Chapters 1, 2, 4
Large Maps
Chapter 1, Figure 1.0-2, Project Overview, Existing Utilities  (631 K)
Chapter 2, Figure 2.1-1, Project Sections  (325 K)
Chapter 4, Figures 4.3-1, 4.3-2, 4.3-3, 4.3-4, 4.3-5, Evolution of CON and Macro Corridors  (1.7 MB)
Chapters 7, 8, 9 Application Resource Maps Chapter 7 Resource Maps (5.1 MB)
Chapter 8 Resource Maps (4.5 MB)
Chapter 9 Resource Maps (4 MB)
Maps identify location of resources such as land cover, population density, recreation, utilities, transportation, communication facilities, prime farmland, agricultural resources, mining, historic sites, water resources, conservation easements, designated wildlife areas and noise
Appendix A
Project Development Agreement (284 K)
Contract among the utilities as to Project development, permitting, and ownership

Appendix B

Certificate of Need  (4.3 MB)
Administrative law judge’s findings of fact; Minnesota Public Utility Commission Order approving need

Appendix C

Public and Agency Outreach  (4.6 MB)
Agency, local government, and tribal government mailing lists; names of individuals on proposed routes; public meeting, and comment summary

Appendix D

Mn/DOT U.S. Highway 52 Corridor Management Plan  (7.5 MB)

Appendix E

Mississippi River Crossing Design Options, Photos and Underground Analysis  (3.3 MB)

Appendix F

Substation Drawings  (2 MB)

Appendix G

Agricultural Impacts Mitigation Plan  (84 K)

Appendix H

Minnesota Route Matrix  (1.3 MB)
Table of data analysis for each route segment

Appendix I

Information Related to Preferred, Alternative, and Considered but Eliminated Segments  (92 K)

Appendix J

Segment Line Maps  (3.5 MB)

Appendix K

Considered but Eliminated La Crescent and Winona Routes  (5.5 MB)

Appendix L

Preferred and Alternative Route Segment List  (51 K)

Appendix M

Route Maps (Sheetmaps) 
Appendix M Sheet Maps 1-13, with property lines (10.3 MB) 
Appendix M Sheetmaps 14-28, with property lines (11.5 MB) 

Appendix N

Land Use/Zoning Maps  (4 MB)

Appendix O

Stanton Airport Analysis  (124 K)

Appendix P

Agriculture and Prime Farmland Impacts  (46 K)

Appendix Q

Archaeological and Architectural Occurrence Tables (116 K)

Appendix R

List of Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fish Likely to Occur in the Project Area  (78 K)